travel guide to New Orleans

The First-timers travel guide to New Orleans, Louisiana

Here is our guide to the most important things you can do in New Orleans for first-timers! New Orleans is known for its delicious cuisine, great music, friendly faces, and beautiful architecture that anyone who resides or travels in the United States should visit. No wonder why so many people are considered one of the best places to visit in the United States.

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Stay in the French Quarter Inn

Yes, this is a tourist hub, but for a good reason. You will be within walking distance of everything you want to see, do and eat, and, most notably, find yourself in a stumbling distance from your hotel. Remember that New Orleans is a city whose veins are filled with alcohol. More, you are allowed to drink outside (in plastic cups), and after the ninth cocktail, you will find that the proximity to your beautiful soft bed is quite attractive. Perhaps, more vitally, it is a magnificent area loaded with unique structure, so that you are involved in another world.

Eat at classic fine dining setting up

Our choice is Commanders Palace for the jazz brunch, plus it is one of the best dishes in the whole city. Quaintly, classic creole dishes and fabulous old school service, it is directly opposite one of the famous above-ground city cemeteries. Check the dress code and be sure about your reservation – and do not worry; they used to revive guests who had a great Saturday night with Bloody Mary or three. Moreover, for bonus points of experience, get bread pudding and turtle soup.

Visit a cemetery plustake a ghost tour

Unlike various places trying to prove you that they have a deep paranormal story, in New Orleans, this is entirely plausible. It makes the travels even more amusing (plus the fact that you can carry your drink with you helps a lot). Want to know why cemeteries are so unique? Since the groundwater level in the city is very high, burial underground meant that at any time when the flood occurred, the bodies floated back to the surface. These were not only strangely gross but also perpetuated diseases, such as yellow illness. The answer was to hide over the surface, giving rise (literally) to those most exciting cities of the dead. So, plan, cemeteries shut pretty early.

On Frenchmen St. Listen to live music

It is not a long street, but it is filled with many iconic jazz clubs, so pass by until you like the sound, and then go inside. If you can, try to reach a brass band, but if you don’t come through one, you can find a Hot 8 brass band at Howlin Wolf every Sunday, and a Rebirth at Maple Leaf every Tuesday. While you are in the Frenchmen, take a look at the Art Market, some several interesting local crafts and photographs can be found much more significant and authentic than the things made in China, which you can find in Decatur St. tourist shops.

Visit the Street of Bourbon

It’s the most famous road in town, and it’s synonymous with parties, but (let us be honest here), it’s a hole. A mixture of nudity layers, soulless bars that sell daiquiri grain alcohol and other tourists who throw you to their feet is fun to see once, after which it gets old very quickly. Further, if you kill all your time here and leave, thinking this is the pulse of the city, you are taking it wrong. If you need Bourbon, try Cat’s Meow as it’s always a good idea for karaoke when you are drunk.


  • The iconic Pat O’Brien’s hurricane cocktail is miss-able, and we consider it tastes the same as medicine. Still, if you are bound to go, you could ask for fried gator bites (at least tick that away from the list).
  • You must go to Cafe Du Monde to have beignets, and right, they are square donuts. It is open 24-hours and serves only beignets and coffee.
  • From a famous cocktail bar, drink a Sazerac, it was created in New Orleans.
  • Lagniappe is “LAN-yap,” Conti is “CON-tie,” and Burgundy is “berGUNdy” and implies ‘a little something extra,’ like taking 13 oysters while you bought a dozen.
  • When it is late at midnight, and you are in a position of indefinite serenity, it is somewhat satisfying to have a hot dog by one of the various Lucky Dog vendors, who dot the French Quarter.

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