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Why stem cell therapy is importance for diabetes

Diabetes is a perennial health condition which does have an impact on our life. It is associated with frequent urination accompanied by greater levels of thirst and this is something that is ignored in the initial phase. The intensity of the problems is only being understood in the later stages. It has to be stated that diabetes is classified into type 1 and type 2. The latter tends to take place, where the immune system of the body goes on to form its own cells, as foreign and then goes on destroys them. What it means that insulin producing cells of the pancreas are destroyed and for this reason the production of insulin is stopped. What happens in the absence of insulin is that the intake of glucose is impaired where it tends to get accumulated in the blood stream.

In the case of type 2 glucose formation of the cells develops whereby insulin is being used for glucose metabolism. Diabetes if it is not controlled can lead to stroke, kidney failure or blindness .For this reason it is necessary to keep the blood sugar levels under check. It has to be stated that there is no major cure for diabetes except for medications and to a certain extent insulin injections. With the aid of stem cell transplants the dead cells are being replaced whereby a new one is formed. It is the ability of the stem cells that insulin producing beta cells are being produced which loses its way from the body. As far as the manifestations with diabetes evolve, it could lead to vaginal infections, sexual problems or certain form of wounds that is not going to heal.

It is important to take stock of the situation once you are confronted with diabetes. It is known to have an impact on all major organs of the body. Diabetic kidney or heart disease tends to all emerge out of diabetes that needs to be addressed at the earliest before any complication arises. Stem cells are the mother cells of the body that could be further classified into two different types and this could be channelized as per proper methodology. Research points to the fact that once they make their way inside the body, they could lead to the formation of the lost out pancreatic cells whereby the immune system is being reframed. All this treatment ensures the safety of the patient. The focus of this treatment is to deliver sufficient amount of cells that will make their entry into various parts of the body.

To conclude Diabetes stem cell therapy is one of the latest discoveries in the medical domain. Most of the top hospitals in the country offer the treatment and to ensure admission to the top hospitals is an easy task. In comparison the cost of the treatment also works out to be on the lesser side when you plan to get the same treatment done in the western countries.

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