Topic: 5 Essential Personal Hygiene Habits

Topic: 5 Essential Personal Hygiene Habits

To stay healthy, it is important that you have good hygiene. Keeping personal hygiene is necessary to avoid falling ill and attract germs. Practicing personal hygiene is a good way of keeping yourself healthy at all times. Hand wash, brushing, bathing, washing vegetables, keeping your surroundings clean, etc. are some of the things that you need to ensure to keep yourself hygienic. Here are some essential personal hygiene habits that you should keep in mind.

Have a Bath Regularly and Wearing Clean Clothes

Every day our skin attracts dust and can get dried. It increases the dead cells that need to be removed to avoid the growth of germs and diseases. Having a regular bath will help in removing the dead cells. It is the most effective and important part of maintaining hygiene. However, having a bath is not enough if you are wearing dirty clothes. Dirty clothes can increase body odor and increase bacteria in the body. You can also develop skin allergies and infections.

Washing Hands Often and Properly

Hands are the most common place for germs to get collected. Hence, it is very important that your hands are clean at all times. There are many ways to keep your hands clean. You can use alcohol-based sanitizers, wash with soap and water, etc. Here are the hand washing steps for ensuring the germs do not remain on your hands.

  • Before applying soap on your hands wet them with water.
  • Rub the soap properly and thoroughly.
  • You should scrub your hands for at least 20 seconds.
  • After this rinse your hands.
  • Use a dry towel, napkins, or air dryer to dry your hands.

Brush and Floss your Teeth

Brushing is very important for dental hygiene. You should always brush your teeth twice in one day. You should also floss to have fresh breath. Visit your dentist regularly so that you have healthy teeth.

Always Cover your Mouth While Coughing or Sneezing

Many people cough or sneeze without covering their mouths. This increases the chances of spreading the germs to others. You should also avoid covering your mouth with your hands as the germs can stick to your hands. Use a tissue or arms to cover your mouth while coughing or sneezing.

Cut Your Nails Regularly

If you have long nails and you do not maintain them, then it can lead to unhygienic conditions. Longs nails tend to accumulate dirt and can lead to unhealthy conditions. Hence, you should make sure that you trim your nails on a regular basis. If you want to keep your nails long, then ensure that you keep them clean. Broken or damaged nails can lead to nail infections.

Maintaining personal hygiene is very essential to keep yourself healthy and fit. So, make sure you keep all these in mind and maintain a hygienic life. However, you should also ensure that you visit your doctor on a regular basis and get your check-ups done

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