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Home Vaccination Needs and How You Can Fulfill Them

Seeking vaccination solutions anytime soon? Vaccination is the vital procedure of administering a suitable vaccine or antigenic element that offers immunity against one or multiple ailments/diseases. It enhances overall immunity in our bodies while safeguarding us from infections. Vaccination is different from the term immunization which is what takes place to our bodies post vaccination. There are several vaccinations that people may require to take at home. These include vaccinations for chicken pox, hepatitis B, H1N1, typhoid, cervical cancer and even pneumonia. Other types of vaccines may also be offered at home if you choose the right home healthcare services provider.

Go for a one-stop solution encompassing all your needs ranging from vaccination to home nursing and even physiotherapy and elder care. This ensures that you can avail of the benefits of quality healthcare at home without having to step out, naturally providing greater comfort and convenience in the bargain.

Key types of vaccines which are required

Vaccination at home will naturally be required in the following scenarios:

  • Hepatitis B– This vaccine is a series of three shots which safeguards against the harmful Hepatitis B virus that may lead to problems like liver cancer, cirrhosis of liver and even death. Hepatitis B is known to cause almost double the infections in comparison to HIV and post infection, specific treatments are often unavailable for the disease aside from medication which may not always provide results. As a result, people should consider getting immunized against this fatal disease in advance.
  • H1N1– H1N1 vaccines safeguard people from infections arising from the influenza virus which also led to a major pandemic in the year 2009. This is highly infectious and you should always take preventive measures accordingly. The virus can be cured but the rate of fatality still stands at 11% as per several reports. The injection is not given to those under the age of 18 and also people who have allergies pertaining to gelatin and eggs.
  • Typhoid– This vaccine will safeguard people from the Salmonella Typhi virus which leads to major diseases including typhoid. It causes fatigue, fever, stomach pain, weakness, loss of appetite, headaches and rashes. Typhoid fever can also be fatal if not treated suitably.
  • Chicken Pox– This disease arises from infections caused by the varicella zoster which is another contagious virus. Skin rashes are symptoms along with blisters, itchiness, fever and headaches. The disease is curable although it can be problematic for pregnant women, babies and people with weaker immunity. The vaccine is the best way to stay protected from this virus.
  • Pneumonia- Pneumococcal vaccination safeguards people from Streptococcus pneumonia bacterium which may lead to sepsis, meningitis and pneumonia alike. Children less than 2 years should receive four doses of the PC13 vaccine. It is also recommended for adults till the age of 64.
  • Cervical Cancer– HPV vaccination safeguards women from sexually transmitted infections like these. Cervical cancer can be cured although it is fatal for numerous women worldwide. The rate of survival also depends on the stage and swift detection. Safeguard the women in your family by getting them vaccinated early on.

You can now avail of home vaccination services where trained and experienced nurses will visit your home and get everyone vaccinated. Vaccination services may also be availed for employees at corporate offices. Other vaccines available include Zoster vaccines, MMR, DTP, cholera and meningitis vaccines along with HAV and HBV vaccines. This is a convenient and hassle-free way to stay safe without any hassles.

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