Unlock your iPhone 6 Plus

How to Unlock your iPhone 6 Plus Permanently?

Getting an iPhone unlocked has become a popular trend nowadays. This is since the days the customers got fed-up of keeping up with a sub-standard phone service and reception. Therefore, as per the demand, the ways to unlock a phone has started to increase rapidly. There are actually 3 key methods by which you can unlock iPhone 6 Plus. The three methods are- software unlocking, hardware unlocking and advanced IMEI unlocking. Till the launch of iPhone 3, the software unlocking method was very famous. Then after it got banned by Apple, the hardware unlocking processes started to be in demand. But gradually, none of the services worked for a long period of time. The IMEI unlocking is the best and safest form of unlocking which is followed nowadays.

Software Unlocking has become an obsolete form of unlocking since the launch of the iPhone 4. Here, you could change the internal configuration of the phone and make calls from any other carrier. This method, however, won’t work on your iPhone 6 Plus.

The second method or the hardware method can cause you more harm than doing any good to you. Here, either you or a third party will be trying to fiddle with the handset. Any of you, if unskilled will land up meddling with the hardware components of the phone. It is a very difficult method and does not give any guaranteed result. In case of such damage, Apple will not provide you with any customer service or warranty benefits. You will end up wasting a lot of your money and time on getting the phone fixed again.

To get an Apple iPhone 6 Plus unlocked, the best method is the third method through advanced IMEI unlocking. Here, you have to find the unique identifying code of your phone called the IMEI (International Mobile Equipment Identifier) number. You can find this out by dialling *#06# from your phone and the IMEI number will be displayed on your screen.

This IMEI number will give an access to the expert to the master database of Apple. Through this database, he will able to find out when the device was produced, the colour of the device, its internal memory size, the model number and even the status whether the phone is locked or unlocked. In this type of unlocking method, you do not need to download any extra software or do any other physical work.

As you enter the master database, you will find the status of your phone. There you can change the status from ‘locked’ to ‘unlocked’. After that, click a button to reset the device. As soon as you reset your device, you will be able to switch to any carrier you want to. This method will not interfere with the internal configuration of your handset or tamper the hardware in any form. This form of unlocking works at the factory level. Therefore, it neither damages any part nor it corrupts the iOS. In such a case, you do not breach any of the Apple’s agreement and terms and can avail your warranty benefits comfortably!

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