Blood cancer

Blood cancer – causes and treatment

Leukaemia is often regarded as the condition of children, but adults are more affected by it. Men tend to suffer from it more than women and more among the white race.  Blood cancer treatment is considered to be the best in the world. But before we get to the details, let us understand more about leukaemia in details.

There is nothing you can do to prevent occurrence of this disorder. A cancer of blood cells that occurs due to the rise of white blood cells in your body.  They are known to warden off the platelets or red blood cells as the body needs to be healthy. The extra white blood cells are not going to work and do cause a lot of problems.

All of us have a dreaded feeling when confronted with blood cancer. But ignorance is a definite cause of harmony at this point. It is indeed important that you are aware of the toxic symptoms before it goes on to bear fatal consequences. You need to study about the various conditions about blood cancer before it becomes serious.

Blood is known to contain 3 major type of cells

  • Red blood cells that is responsible for carrying oxygen
  • White blood cells also go by the name of leukocytes fall into the category of the immune system. All of these cells have various sub categories and they have an important role to fight against bacteria, foreign proteins and virus
  • Platelets – does help in blood clotting.


Blood cancer is known to have an impact on the white blood cells. The symptoms may vary according to the severity of the condition. Though it is difficult to pinpoint the exact cause of it, a weakened immune system, age along with a host of other blood disorders.

The symptoms of blood cancer are frequent infections, increasing in bruising, abnormal lymph nodes, vision problems and headache. If a patient is suffering from blood cancer they sweat a lot at night. You face issues with weight loss, dark spots may emerge on the skin with frequent urination are some other symptoms of blood cancer.

It does not prove to be necessary that you suffer from all these symptoms. Once again it will depend upon the stage of cancer you are suffering from. In the premature stage you are not likely to come across any symptoms and this is all the more so in people who are suffering from chronic blood cancer. The common symptoms are headache, night sweats, weight loss etc.

In most cases you can detect these tests through blood tests. The moment you do experience these symptoms it does make sense to get in touch with a specialist. Being aware of the symptoms is the best way to ensure a healthy life.


You can classify leukaemia in a couple of ways

  • The pace of development and how it becomes worse
  • What is the type of blood cells involved whether it is lymphoid or myeloid?


The doctor is going to undertake a physical examination and ask about the personal or family history of the patient. Possible signs of anaemia will be observed along with an enlarged liver or spine. As part of assessment procedure, your blood test will be taken in a laboratory.

If the doctor is of the opinion that you have blood cancer he may ask for a bone marrow test. It is usually taken from the hip with a fine, long needle. This helps to figure out the type of blood cancer present if any.


The outlook of blood cancer for a patient is dependent upon the type. For a patient who experiences chances of remission regular monitoring, blood tests and bone marrow tests are necessary so that the cancer does not occur. If it does not return over a passage of time, the doctor may suggest reducing the frequency of the tests.

The treatment

As part of the treatment options you are provided intensive chemotherapy. Drugs would be provided as injection into the veins. Some type of chemotherapy drugs in the form of Fludara can be used in the stage end disease. When in the case of bone marrow steroid treatment is provided to combat and help the bone marrow recover. You need to be aware that chemotherapy drugs are strong and have some side effects in the form of fatigue, hair loss or it could be loss of appetite. Always make it a point that you opt for the best cancer hospital.

One of the reasons being during the course of treatment the healthy bone marrow is killed that makes the patient a lot weaker. The difficulty is that the drugs cannot distinguish between ill and healthy cells. In mild cases you can cure it by blood transfusion. You do provide radiation to the infected lymph and the outcome of the disease depends upon the whole body. In certain cases you can go on to opt for bone marrow transplant but this proves out to be an expensive treatment. At the same time it proves to be out of reach beyond the common man. Patients are going to require a bone marrow donor because the body is going to reject the bone marrow from a foreign source. Nearly 60 % of patients have a normal life once they avail a bone marrow transplant done. As this disease can spring up any time so bone marrow transplant is an obvious choice.

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