Best new artists to watch

Best new artists to watch out for in 2020

The year of 2020 is going to be a big year for music, there are a lot of new artist emerging and ready to take the year by storm. New music is certainly one of the major things that keep the industry going. So where will this new music come from and which artists will step out from obscurity and into full blown stardom?

It will be interesting to see how this year unfolds and which new artists creates the earworms the world just can’t stop listening too. If you are looking to expand your horizons in 2020 and try to find some new music, this station is a great place to do this; they are always playing the freshest music.

Which new artist will the world embrace in 2020, have a read below to take a look at some of the artists that should be making a splash this year:

Maisie Peters

Self describes her music as “emo organic girl pop”. This is certainly a unique sound that well get her noticed. Her music can be quite light and playful, but if you actually listen closely to the lyrics, they can quite dark. Make sure you look out for her unique music in the coming months.

artists Maisie Peters


The name on everyone’s best new artists list: Celeste. Her sound is truly timeless and it certainly will not be long before you are hearing her absolutely everywhere. It is thought she will be updating her sound slightly to be more upbeat and pop-y. With all these aspects working in her favour, stardom in 2020 seems almost inevitable!

artists Celeste

Easy Life

The boy band of 5 members is set to break out big in 2020. They’ve got the swagger and mind boggling lyrics to match. They aren’t indie, they aren’t funk, they aren’t jazz – they are a little bit of everything, even their song titles are a bit of everything; “Houseplants”, “Sangria” and “Spaghetti Hoops”. This is one of the major reasons why this year could be THE year for this band of 5, Easy Life.

Easy Life


Yebba is set to take 2020 by storm! She has been building up nicely over the past couple of years and 2020 is looking big. She has had her finger in a lot of different pies last year; she contributed with Mark Ronson and the song “Don’t Leave Me Lonely” and was helped by BJ Burton (producer) with the song “Where Do You Go?”



This mid-20’s girl is ready for a big 2020. Her music is unlike anything you’ve ever heard before. Her beats are unique and will leave you having to pick your jaw up from the floor. No matter where you are listening to Shygirl, whether it be in a night club or in the comfort of your own home, she sounds so good.


Tia Carys

This 19 year old rapper/ singer has the world at her feet and the word on the street is that 2020 is going to be a massive year. Tia Carys is not afraid to tackle the difficult issues with identity and sexuality expected to make appearances in her new songs. The mix between rapping and singing will leave listeners wanting more.


Another 19 year old set to make a big splash in 2020. She is another artist that is not afraid to talk about the more difficult issues, like mental health and insecurity. She has recently got a new contract and her debut album is set to make massive waves in the music industry so make sure you keep an ear out!

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