Indian Railways Stations

Interesting Factors of Indian Railways Stations

Interest is in everything. You can find a piece of interest in any activity, action or talk. Here, if you speak of traveling, journeys are also full of interesting things and moment’s right? Have you ever tried to find out interesting things in your day today life? What about your rail rides? Have you ever wondered about the train stations or routes that are full of interest?

People take interest in different tasks, features of railways like pnrstatus train or ticket number and so on; but people hardly take interest for fun sake. Yes, if you are a traveller, have you ever thought about going for exciting tours and visiting interesting stations? Now one thing that makes railway stations interesting is their assets and features. Have a look at some of the railway stations of India that are different in their own ways.

Chennai central station

This station is one of the few stations in the country that does not want you to climb the foot over-bridge to steer to another platform. Similarly it might also interest you that it is the only city in India that possesses three diverse types of railway network. It might also interest you that this station is regarded as the gateway to South and it is one of the most vital railway stations in South India. The station is more than a 143 year old station and it got designed by architect Henry Irwin.  Maybe the station is one of the oldest stations in the country but it is properly maintained.

Ghum railway station

This Ghum railway station of the Darjeeling Himalayan Railway is the topmost railway station in the country. This small hill city is also the home of the Ghum Monastery. Actually,this railway station is based in a tiny locality called Ghum near the popular place of Darjeeling in West Bengal. Situated at an altitude of 2,258 metres, the station makes it the highest railway station in India. This well-known Darjeeling Himalayan Railway (DHR) is even a UNESO World Heritage.

ChhatrapatiShivaji Terminus, Mumbai

It is a UNESCO World Heritage site, the railway station in India was onetime known as the Victoria Terminus. It was formed in the year 1887, and eventually the name got changed to ChhatrapatiShivaji Terminus in the year 1996. The architects who designed this giant structure were Frederick Stevens and Axel Haig. In an architectural manner, it is one of the finest railway stations in the world and the structure is constructed on Indo-Saracenic Style Architecture. You can feel a class in the design of this station.

Dudhsagar Railway Station Goa

When talking about natural beauty, the Dudhsagar Station steals the spotlight. Having the gorgeous Dudhsagar Falls to the left of this railway station, the station caters a beautiful view of place. It is a treat to eyes of traveller and it looks like a grey track running via the luxurious greens all around.

So, all these stations of Indian railways are full of life and interest. Theyare interesting in their own ways. Once you try to dig deeper, you would find a pinch of interest in almost every railway station of the country.

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