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The essential survival guide for new mothers

Becoming a mother is one of the most thrilling phase of your life. Caring for your new born is the dream of every mother. You are one of the luckiest women who have been able to give birth to a healthy child. However, motherhood takes its toll on each of us mothers. Even though we won’t admit it, but motherhood causes a lot of stress on new mothers. Take a look at this list which will guide you to survive this period with ease and will let you enjoy this phase without any guilt and stress.

  1. Babies love affection and warmth of the mother. So, take your baby in your lap, hold your baby as much as can. This creates a deep bond inside the baby’s mind and this will help you in further connecting with your young one.
  2. Your baby’s clothing should be washed with care regularly. Don’t allow bacteria to grow on them. After your baby’s bath, make him/her wear fresh clothes and apply some baby powder gently on your baby’s skin. Baby hampers uk will contain baby powder and lotionas well. Apply lotion on all over your baby’s skin especially in winter and dry weather.
  3. Always make sure that your baby is not wearing wet or soiled nappies at any time. Change nappies regularly. Your baby might catch cold if she/he is wearing a soiled nappy for a long time.
  4. In case of nappy rashes, wash the rash with mild water and a mild soap. Don’t rub the area with any towel or wipes. Instead, pat dry that area and apply some cream meant only for nappy rashes.
  5. Babies love massages and it is very good for their overall health. It is also another great way of bonding with your baby. Massaging newborns have been an ancient technique and since ages mothers and grandmothers are using this technique to care for infants. Gently massage every part of baby’s body with baby oil which you might have got as a present in the new baby hamper. Massage with gentle and rhythmic stroke.
  6. Don’t feed anything not advised by the doctor, especially w Doctors’suggest that you start giving water to your baby only after six months. During this period mother’s milk is considered the best food and drink for your baby. However, breastfeeding is not that easy as it sounds, so don’t try too hard on yourself, let it come naturally at first and then if needed use pumps.
  7. Listen to cues from your baby. It might take some time, but eventually you will get to know about your baby’s needs and desires from your baby only. Just be patient and notice your baby’s body language.

Follow these tips for a smooth journey of motherhood. You will have your ups and downs in this journey, but if you are mentally prepared, then nothing can beat you down. You don’t need to be a perfect mother instead just try to give your best. Nevertheless, what is more important is that you are taking care of yourself first so that you can give your one hundred percent to your baby.

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