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How a Jewelry Consultant Can Help You Get the Right Collection?

Vintage jewelry collection can be a hobby for the ultra-rich. Nowadays, jewelry lovers show interest in antique jewelry, vintage engagement rings, and pieces of unique jewelry that are not available elsewhere. Though it is enormous, the vintage jewelry market is full of pitfalls. You can make a smart move by contacting a jewelry consultant who can help you to find hard-to-get jewelry pieces so you can build a fascinating collection.

 The role of a jewelry consultant

You may desire to have a unique collection of vintage or antique jewelry, it is an investment for sure, but the more important factor is the research and time it takes to get the right ones. The process is intimidating, especially if you are not familiar with the ins and outs of the business, and here comes the importance of a jewelry consultant.

A jewelry expert can tell its clients what’s worth investing in and what’s not and help them to build an authentic collection. The consultant becomes the connection to a vintage dealer network across the globe, providing you with insight into exclusive pieces that are beyond the reach of the general public.       

Factors to consider while looking for vintage jewelry

Research is the most significant aspect to consider while looking for vintage jewelry. Try to acquire as much required information as possible before purchasing as there is no lack of fakes out there. Don’t hesitate to ask the seller for origin and condition reports; it will help you to know who owned this piece, providing you with an idea of authenticity and helping you judge how much it is worth.

If it is a designer piece, check for the signature. While buying vintage jewelry, you may not always get the paperwork, so you must consider seeing the piece in person if possible. Any vintage jewelry piece worth buying must have a substantial weight and feel to it.

 Signed and unsigned jewelry

Designer pieces of vintage jewelry always have signatures. If they don’t, it wouldn’t be the same investment, as they don’t ensure the credibility and won’t hold the standard in the manner a signed piece of jewelry would. It does not mean that you should buy any vintage jewelry piece just because it has a signature. You must confirm the authenticity first and choose the best piece that represents the designer’s practice.

However, you can find so many great pieces of vintage jewelry out there that are undersigned, particularly from the ‘70s and ‘80s like gypsy rings, chains, and hoops. If you are not that much concerned about the designer, you can search for the best available pieces without a signature and if you like it, you must go for it. 


If you are interested in collecting vintage jewelry, make sure you research, gather sufficient information, and buy only after ensuring the authenticity of the piece. You can consider a jewelry consultant who can guide you through his knowledge and experience, so you can end up getting the right piece of vintage jewelry.

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