Graffiti Art

Time to Learn The History and Concept of Graffiti Art

The term graffiti is derived from the Greek word ‘graphein’ which imparts ‘to write’. Some consider it a vibrant form of urban art while for others it is senseless vandalism. Regardless of who thinks what, graffiti has a long history, deep-rooted in Roman and Greek architecture.

If you think graffiti has any significance in modern art form and want to learn it, you must consider knowing the history of graffiti art. Usually, graffiti is related to street-gangs, using spray-paint for making stylistic symbols or phrases on a wall. Now, you can create a nice Kids’ bedroom cityscape and it helps you to explore the ultimate creativity. 

20th-century graffiti

During the 20th century, gangs used graffiti for different purposes such as claiming or identifying territory, memorializing dead members of the gang in an unconventional obituary, bragging about acts done by gang members, or warning rival gangs for violent confrontations.

Graffiti was specifically noticeable in major urban regions across the world; general targets were walls, billboards, and subways. In the late 80s, a new graffiti form was emerged called ‘tagging’ which labeled the repeated use of symbols for marking territory. In order to drag people’s attention, this type of graffiti commonly appeared in centrally or strategically located neighborhoods. 

Learn techniques and build your skills

The techniques and tricks of graffiti have tremendously grown over the years. Formal education can provide outstanding benefits, making you comfortable in using spray paint and other tools. If you want to enroll in a diploma or certificate program, you can look for classes in concepts of fundamentals of drawing, visual arts, basic of visual studies, and introduction to computer graphics. 

Building your brand

Graffiti artists are referred to as individuals who use various art materials and techniques for creating art, both for general exhibition and for sale. They are more concerned about the aesthetic value of their creation rather than the functional one.

You can expect gainful employment as a graffiti artist in a wide range of separate areas based on your interest. For example, many city officials actively look for talented artists for painting over lewd or illegal drawings with something more acceptable for their cities, towns, and public places.

 Art or vandalism!  

The difference between illegal graffiti and graffiti art can be described with a single word ‘permission’. If you are spending hours creating a beautiful piece of art on the side of a property you do not own and don’t even bother to come up with an agreement with the right people ahead of time that would probably be considered criminal mischief or vandalism. But, if you contact the property owner and write up an agreement, you will be expressing yourself in one of the purest art forms that exist today. 


Graffiti art is considered as a mode of visual communication, a way to express or address some important issues. It is not about breaking the law; a gang expresses itself through graffiti as a form of art without breaking any law. Find out and appoint the best artist for Kids’ bedroom cityscape and give your kid a nice space to learn and grow.

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