career can be expected in optometry

What kind of career can be expected in optometry?

There are many students who opt for science subjects in school with an aim to undergo medical science in the future. With technology advancing at a rapid pace and the introduction of new medical fields, equipment and launch of numerous private and government hospitals across the country has only led to the demand for qualified candidates for different positions. One such medical field is considered to be optometry that does have a bright future for those who aspire for it and work hard to achieve their goals.

Availing optometry course

Optometry course according to the industry experts is stated to be a trending career choice for both girls and boys found eligible to undergo this course. It involves the qualified candidate to work as primary eye-care practitioner. The person practicing this particular branch is referred to as optometrist and plays an important role. He/she is required to detect defects in the eye like cataract, especially in age associated maculopathy, glaucoma and various other types of health conditions such as hypertension and diabetes. Those who undergo bsc optometry course can enjoy deriving diverse career options to choose from and also get lucrative salary packages.

Few responsibilities of the qualified optometrist

The optometrists, professionals are stated to be responsible to elevate all types of vision related diagnosis, its management and referral. Given below are few responsibilities that the optometrist has to perform:

  • Offer patients with proper and correct healthcare counselling; promote optical wellness, and general health.
  • Diagnose issues, perform vision tests, prescribe glasses and carry out various optical corrective measures.
  • Perform patient evaluation for diagnosing general health related problems like diabetes, hypertension including providing essential health referrals.
  • Deliver post & pre-operative care to patients if subjected to surgical procedure.

According to reports, India is stated to have the widest possible career opportunities for bsc optometry students in the optometry field. Doing some research can help the interested candidate to find out the details pertaining to joining the course like academic qualifications, score obtained, subjects to study in the course and other vital aspects. Getting to know these details can help the aspiring student to know if they should pursue the course or opt for something else. The student can choose diploma and then upgrade to postgraduate diploma. Although students from different streams are allowed to study this course, those having science background can derive more advantage over the others, when it comes to getting jobs and in other areas.

Career opportunities to explore

Students are free to explore different career opportunities, depending upon the course they have undergone, skills and expertise gained in the program and interest.

  • Qualified candidates can become an educator or head of any reputed and well-established college.
  • Can practice conjointly with another ophthalmologist or practice independently.
  • Can engage in any professional service in reputed organizations.
  • Can contribute substantially as research scholar at any eye care institution.
  • Can join central government and state government hospitals, spread throughout the country.
  • Can engage in clinical research and progress to become researcher in the field of basic science.

Increasing demand for this particular course has only led to high competition for seats. Fortunately, there are several reputed bsc optometry colleges in the country that has been trying to accommodate deserving students to study and become a qualified and successful optometrist.

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