Weekend Getaways from Seattle-Tacoma Airport

Weekend Getaways from Seattle-Tacoma Airport

There are some of the most amazing getaways in the Pacific Northwest. If you live in Seattle or the surrounding areas these destinations are basically on your doorstep, for example Vancouver and Bellingham.  Seattle-Tacoma Airport has connecting flights to a great variety of destinations, perfect for a weekend getaway. Pack your bags and head to SeaTac airport to escape into the beauty of the Pacific Northwest.

To make sure your journey is as seamless as possible, it is worth booking your parking spot before you arrive at the airport. Parkon.com will guarantee you a great range of indoor, outdoor, long-term and short-term parking options near the airport. This will give you hassle-free parking and ensure a smooth start to a wonderful weekend getaway in the natural beauty of the Pacific Northwest. All you need to do next is head to the airport with a weekend bag and head to one of the following destinations, all of which are under an hour’s flight from the city.


Only a 58-minute flight from Seattle, this gorgeous city lies close to the Canadian border. Alaska Airlines has frequent flights to the city. Home to Western Washington University the city has a collegiate feel, with lovely restaurants and bars to take you back to your college days. On the other hand, if you like outdoor activities you have come to the right place. Here you will find seaside access to the San Juan Islands and lots of gorgeous hiking trails, such as the South Bay Trail. 

Victoria & Vancouver

If you want to head to Canada, jump on a quick flight to either Victoria or Vancouver. Victoria, the capital of British Columbia, sits on Vancouver Island. Here this picturesque city is surrounded by dramatic mountains and ocean views. From harbor visits to museum tours, you will find yourself falling for this small city. It is the perfect location for a weekend trip filled with brunching and sunny patios.

Conversely, if you are looking for a larger city getaway with more hustle and bustle, Vancouver is the place to go. There is so much to do, see and eat in this city. Closely connected to the outdoors you will have quick access to Whistler Mountains for hiking and skiing. In the city, you will find wonderful museums (e.g. The Maritime Museum and Science World) and great food. From sushi to Korean BBQ, Vancouver has a great selection of Asian cuisines; foodies will love it here.


Portland, Oregon is a great town for a weekend getaway. This city is diverse and filled with interesting people and culture. It is a creative city that will undoubtedly show you a great time. The mixture of the city and the outdoors makes it a very attractive place to visit. Furthermore, the city’s culinary scene is a huge highlight—brunch spots, food markets, and fine restaurants—the city has it all.  Finally, the laid-back culture is a real draw for anyone who wants a chilled weekend away.



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