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Sectional Sofa Cover Fabrics for Adding an Element of Elegance to Your Overall Home Decor

Modern households are today opting for sectional sofas or couches. Sectional sofas are great for spacious living rooms. RAF or Right Arm Facing implies while facing the section, you would be having the arm on your right. Likewise, LAF or Left Arm Facing implies that you would be having the arm on your left. The arms’ placement would help in determining if the new sectional sofa is suitable for your room.

As per https://www.forbes.com, although sectional sofas are truly a family-friendly option for the conventional love seat and sofa, they surely prove to be a major polarizing element in living room design and décor. People either hate them or love them intensely. Sectional sofas or couches are available in a plethora of designs, fabrics, and options that could be mind-boggling.

Choice of Sectional Sofa Cover Fabrics

Just like any other type of sofa or couch, your sectional sofas must be taken good care of. You must invest in a top-quality cover to protect your expensive new sectional sofas from dust, dirt, spills, stains, or scratches. Sectional sofa covers are available in a myriad of designs, fabrics, and vibrant tones and they surely add a whole new dimension to your home décor and overall aesthetic ambiance. Let us explore some of the commonly used fabrics for making these sofa covers.

More durable and tougher kinds of textiles are generally woven in a coarser and tighter kind of yarn that would include synthetic fabrics. Remember the cozier and comfortable a sofa cover fabric is the less durable it is likely to be. The best kind of material for making a sectional sofa cover would be a combination of synthetic and natural fibers. We understand that natural fabrics are not so long-lasting but are very comfortable. However, synthetic blends are quite durable but not so comfortable. A wonderful blend of both could prove to be a perfect marriage of toughness and comfort.

Quilting Cotton

The amazing patterns and prints of quilting cotton sofa covers make it the first preference while looking for the right fabric for your sectional sofa cover. Even though quilting cotton boasts of good drape and enough stretch for creating a wonderful sofa cover, it is not known for longevity. This would make quilting cotton the right choice for sofa covers that are used in basically low traffic areas. The sofa covers made of quilting cotton would tend to develop creases or wrinkles with use. It is good for creating a casual look and would lose its charm after two seasons of constant use.

High-Quality Wool or Silk Blend

This kind of fabric for a sectional sofa cover could be just right to create a formal look and ambiance but is good for low-traffic projects such as for a sectional sofa in the dining room or formal living room. The wool gives the fabric the right robustness while the silk adds a touch of sheen. It is better to maintain these covers well. Get them professionally dry cleaned to maintain the rich, formal, and crisp tailored look. Use sectional sofa cover made of wool and silk-blend only if you are strategically placing the sofa in a space with restricted access for kids and pets.

Linen-Cotton Blend

Linen-cotton blend sofa covers are extremely popular. These covers when washed become more comfortable and soft and may develop natural creases or wrinkles for that casual look. However, unwashed linen and cotton blend covers would remain smooth and flat. You must opt for linen fabric with medium weight and tight weave for longevity.


We have discussed some of the more popular and commonly used fabrics for sofa covers. However, you could use other fabrics of your choice such as canvas, twill blend, cotton duck, or medium weight denim for your unique sectional sofa cover. These fabrics could be washed regularly at home and are truly durable. They are incredibly budget-friendly options. Do not ever compromise on the quality as poor quality stuff could be subject to peeling and excessive wear and tear.

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