Love Service over Text Messages

Why Your Customers Would Love Service over Text Messages

Text messages have become a fashion. Most people even prefer it over talking on the phone. It started as a means of communication between friends, and today it’s even used to provide customer service. While it may seem like an unprofessional method to deal with customers, it has proven to be a smart tactic.

You might think that texting each customer would be difficult to manage and time-consuming, but the reality is quite contrasting. You can get a CRM with text messaging features to automate your job. Here is why your customers would love to get service over text messages.

No Time for Call

Most people don’t have time to call your customer service or even receive a call from you. It’s a busy world in the twenty-first century where everything is done on the go. When you call someone, people can’t do anything else while talking to you. Texting, on the other hand, is easy and doesn’t require their full attention.

They Need Quick Answers

Sometimes, they don’t need to have a proper conversation. They might have a small question, which may not be very important, that requires a quick answer. You should give them the liberty to drop off their question in a text message.

Even Boomers Like Texting

Many businesses believe that texting is only for millennials. This is a common misconception as research say otherwise. Text messaging is the most common form of communication for all adults under the age of fifty. Even people above the age of fifty-five send over 500 text messages each month.

It Feels Personal

Text message gives a feeling like you are buddies with the customer. They can text you any time and you entertain their queries. This gives customer service a personalized touch that wins you their customer.

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