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What are the duties of a Remote DBA expert?

Today the world runs on the internet platform. Getting information has become easy and fast.  But has anyone of you ever tried to think about how data is being analyzed and stored?  Initially, any website will have less data, but as they are always working, even the volume of data will also increase and will need additional processing. Well, the procedure is very complicated, but can be done without time lapse provided all the related software works correctly.

Typically when the volume of data is vast, it is said to be big data and requires specialized data processing application software that helps in data-related activities such as collection, storage, analysis, searching of necessary information, updating of new data, the creation of security measures for the data, etc. Hadoop is data processing application software which helps in managing such big data sets. It stores the big data in different clusters and then further executes applications (distributed analysis) related to each group. One benefit of using Hadoop is that the storage capacity is significant and will run even if the concerned server fails and it is so efficient that one need not change the applications to improve the storage space in the network.

What is DBA?

The acronym ‘DBA,’ when expanded, is Database Administrator who does the job of performing or monitoring activities required to maintain a smooth and effective functioning of the database. The role of any Database administrator includes designing, implementing the design and further maintenance of the database. The Remote DBA expert proves helpful especially while it comes to handling the big data.  So whenever you approach for remote DBA expert, always study their profile and only when you are satisfied, contact them. Visit, and you will get a solution for your problem there as they have an exclusive team too talented Remote DBA experts who are available to serve 24 X 7.  Their service has resulted in repeated satisfied clients.  Even before you approach for a professional service, you should know the essential duties of a remote DBA expert.

Duties of a Remote DBA expert are:

  • Understand the client requirement: As a remote DBA expert, you may be having required technical knowledge.  But you should first understand your client requirement and act accordingly.  For this client’s infrastructure has to be followed first. Every client has a different element.  Some may need the only solution for data storage, some may have a requirement of data security, and others may require data analysis.  Based on the information you should plan the activities related to data processing.
  • Work for a more extended period: Today competition is prevailing everywhere. So whenever any company is giving more returns, there is a chance of DBA’s changing their jobs frequently.  So the security of the data can be jeopardized or misused sometimes.  But Remote DBA expert works professionally and if reliable as he should work for an extended period. The remote DBA expert has to retain the reliability of the clients as the work of managing the data is being outsourced to him. Usually, a remote DBA expert helps the businessman from incurring expenses on office space, equipment and logistics for data processing activities.
  • Cost-effective: Just because the client has faith in you and is outsourcing the work of data processing, you a remote DBA expert should not charge him more.
  • Communication: A lot of problems get solved with proper notification. So a remote DBA expert should be very good at communication.  He has to communicate with the client as and when there is a requirement or whenever he wants to discuss regarding the solution of the problem.  The remote DBA expert has to communicate the answer to the client before implementing it.  By doing this, the client will be happy that his decision is being considered and maybe he has a better suggestion to the problem.  In short, the remote DBA expert should be able to convince the client of his solution.
  • Regular maintenance: The remote DBA expert has to regularly maintain the database and anything that has to be updated has to be on priority.  Any problems arising in the database has to be rectified immediately to avoid further problems.  Take a back up on a regular basis.  It helps in case of failure of the systems.  At least you will be the backup which will be of help to you. Problems like virus attacks etc. have to be dealt with immediately because there may be a chance of data loss.
  • Relief to the client: Whenever a client outsources work to a remote DBA expert, he expects no trouble, but at times it is unavoidable.  Except for those certain cases, the primary duty of the remote DBA expert is providing relief to the client by efficiently managing his data. The expert has to be available 24 x 7.   You never know when the requirement will arise.
  • Reporting: The remote DBA expert has to regularly report to the client regarding the improvements in data processing activities.  He has to communicate regarding the problems faced by him and the solutions to those problems also.  So a remote DBA expert has to monitor the data processing activities on a regular basis.  Only then his report will be accurate.
  • Security: The database of each client is significant.  So as a remote DBA expert, you should ensure that certain precautions are being taken to safeguard the database of the client.  Any leakage of data may be a profit to the competitor.

The duties mentioned above are some general primary duties.  If seen practically, the responsibilities of a remote DBA expert changes from client to client.  Based on the requirements there are chances of new responsibilities evolving.  But the remote DBA expert has to be improving his technical knowledge as per technology development.  You never know when the knowledge will be a help to you. Whatever it is, the professional relationship between the client and remote DBA expert should be excellent and diplomatic.

Author bio: The author of this post Trudy Seeger has mentioned Hadoop and its applications. He has also advised readers to visit where experts are available for your service 24 hours.

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