kids first kindergarten birthday unforgettable

Ways to make your kids first kindergarten birthday unforgettable

Having kids, one day you’ll have to think about their kindergarten birthday party. Every child dreams about an unforgettable birthday party with colourful balloons, candies, the rich birthday cake, and piles of gifts. To make their dreams come true, parents usually do their best, creating new ideas on how to please and entertain kids. Nowadays, you must be really original if you want to meet their expectations. Children besotted with their peers and television parties are quite hard to be surprised. That’s why simple wishes and a regular party won’t work. You need to be more innovative to positively shock your bundles so that they can’t forget this special day.

In India, the birthday celebration is usually started with going to a temple, praying and asking for blessings for the child. Some of these rituals can also be performed at home during parties. But kids, apart from old traditions, count on something more exciting. If you’re a parent who has just run out of any ideas, you can find them in this article. 

Prepare a birthday cake 

One of the vital elements of each and every birthday, without which it can’t take place is a birthday cake. It’s quite a common tradition. People either bake such cakes on their own, or they order them at the baker’s. However, to make them more unique, you can personalise cakes with a photo. That seems an extraordinary way of how to surprise your kid. They should be happy with some cute pictures shown on the top of the cake. Their friends will also be shocked if they can see such a different cake, which doesn’t only taste delicious, but also looks amazing.

Dress kids in a new outfit 

A popular tradition in India is also dressing your kids in a totally new outfit on their birthday. So, instead of their dull school uniform, they can wear brightly coloured suits, which makes them more self-confident and delighted. In this way, at school they are distinguishable, and everyone knows that they have their birthday. That, in turn, causes that other kids express their good wishes and are more polite to the little jubilarian. 

Organise a surprise party 

Although your kids may expect that you are planning something for you, try to organise a surprise party. So, decorate the room with colourful balloons and other decorations while your kids are away and invite their friends. When they come back from school or other activities, everyone will be already waiting for them. Then you can hide and jump from behind the sofa in the living room, screaming loudly “Happy Birthday!”. Even if they were predicting what’s going on, they’d be the happiest creatures under the sun, seeing all of you who have come to celebrate their birthday with them. 

Hire a kids entertainer 

While arranging a party, quite a popular tendency has become to hire a kids entertainer who will play with kids and organise them time in an active way. For example, such people very often run different contests with prizes, paint children’s faces or take them individual or team photos. It’s a great attraction, especially for small kids who can’t plan their time on their own yet and can sometimes be grizzly. That behaviour will only get on parents’ nerves and may even destroy the atmosphere of the party. However, with a helpful kids entertainer close at hand, you will no longer worry about such problems. 

Buy dream gifts 

All these attractions are certainly essential, but kids also wait for presents. So, before their birthday you may gently ask them and fish for information what they would like to receive. Then, you can buy them their dream gifts, as well as suggest guests what they can bring. It’s always a better option than your child’s sad face because of a missed gift.

Singing and dancing 

Finally, you can ask the entertainer to encourage all kids to sing and dance together. It’s a typical part of every birthday in India, which is also a moment of joy and happiness. All people, including adults, will be smiling, seeing such a picture, and your kid will be in seventh heaven. In the end, they can thank you for such an excellent birthday party.

Summing up, making your kids first kindergarten birthday party can be great fun not only for kids but also for parents. If you have lots of imagination and ideas, your children, for sure, won’t forget this moment for a long time. And the birthday should be all about it- making kids happy. That is their day, and they should feel exceptional, both at school and home. And most of all they should be loved by their parents and friends. Only then will they be satisfied.

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