Tricks to Predict Cricket Results

Tricks to Predict Cricket Results Like A Pro

Whenever you watch a cricket match, there is an ongoing discussion on who will win and who will not. This is a constant topic of debate among cricket fans. We often keep on stipulating results based on our assumptions. But when playing online fantasy cricket there is no guesswork, you need to make well-thought predictions to win the match. Fantasy cricket involves using game knowledge and strategies in the right manner.

If interested to know how to predict cricket match results accurately keep on reading the tricks mentioned below. 

  1. Check recent performances of the team: 

This will be instrumental in deciding your team’s performance. Let’s suppose there is an ongoing match between India and South Africa and for the last few matches India has already been in form. So, obviously, you would give preference to Indian players and would include them in your team. That is how checking past performance data of a team helps you in creating a good fantasy cricket team.  

  1. Find out Team rankings: 

Team ranking in any tournament is crucial in deciding the winner in a particular game. So, when predicting results, check the one day, test cricket, and world cup rankings of the team. This will provide you a view of the team’s performance. Additionally, it will enable you to assess team strength based on past records. However, fantasy cricket is dependent on the evaluation of a particular team’s rankings.  

  1. Consider Home ground advantage: 

Believe it or not, a team performing on its home ground scores is likely to score more. This is because several factors such as ground, favorable climate, known field radius, and pitch support the players. Thus, if you happen to find a match between teams in which one of the teams is playing on its home ground then probably the latter one will win the match. In addition to the factors mentioned above, supporters in the home ground and the known audience also act as a power booster.

  1. Toss results also have an impact:

A toss can have a significant role in influencing the match results. The team that decides to bat first is more likely to win the match. This happens because the second team has a defined target to chase which sometimes pressurizes players. Alternatively, the team playing first gets a chance to perform in a better way. However, in recent years this trend has seen a change. So, make sure you choose a team on a fantasy app that boasts of both fielding as well as bowling experts.  

Final Words

Hence, when you can predict things accurately, you can create a team with the right set of eleven players. Assess your players on all variables batting, bowling, and wicket keeping. This comprehensive analysis will enable you to create an ideal team that will help you score higher with accurate predictions.

So, pay attention to the tricks mentioned above and conduct thorough research to make your team a probable winner.

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