Valentine’s Day ideas

New or old, make your relationship special with these Valentine’s Day ideas

Is it just us or are you can feel the magic of love in the air as well? We bet you are feeling it too. And why wouldn’t anyone, for that matter, when the season of romance is right around the corner? Get ready to welcome the longest and the biggest season of love, which is none other than Valentine’s week- a romantic period filled with passion.

Whether the two of you met just recently or have been going out for a long time now, it’s time to mark the day with nothing but love. Regardless of the time you’ve been together, these epic ways of celebrating Valentine’s week will make your bond soar high. Come, let’s take a look:

1.Express with personalised chocolates

Chocolates are the star of every occasion, especially Valentine’s Day. So, spoil the one you love with exclusive online Valentine’s chocolates that spread joy, love, and happiness. But, if you want to make the day extra special, don’t settle for a regular box of chocolates. Go the extra mile and add a heartfelt message on the chocolate box to express your feelings. Trust us, the personalised chocolate box makes a special Valentine’s Day gift to tell a person how much they matter!

2.Exchange Valentine’s Day gifts

It’s a long week of love. You might need a romantic Valentine’s Day gift for every new day. Pick something thoughtful for the loves of your life and wait to look at their expression on opening the gift. Oh, the joy on their face is going to warm your heart!

3.Plan a romantic date

You don’t have to pull off something extraordinary. Even a classic candlelight dinner works its charm. Keep it simple and romantic. You can either plan a date at home or take your partner out to a restaurant. Choose whatever the two of you prefer and make the day only about the two of you.

4.Prepare a special snack

This is a tad tricky. None of you might like a similar food item or even the same cuisine for that matter. But hey, we are sure there must be something that the two of you actually love. Think harder. It can be even a simple dish like Maggi with a twist, heart-shaped pancakes, or Delhi chaat. Settle on one thing and surprise your Valentine by making it.

5.Pamper your Valentine’s pet

Now, this is hands down the best you can do for your animal lovers. If they have a pet that they are obsessed with, bring them treats to show some love and acknowledgement. For instance, if your loved ones own a dog, pamper it with gifts, such as dog collars, shoes, sweaters, or even dog treats. Believe us when we say that you are most definitely earning some brownie points with this gesture!

6.Make some time for your partner

Giving someone your time is the ultimate gift of love. So, clear all your meetings, take the day off and make time for nobody but the one you love this V-Day. Catch up on the lost time that you’ve spent behind your desktops. If you’re in a long-distance Valentine’s Day relationship, plan a fun virtual day.

7.Arrange a game night

When was the last time you played board games with your partner? We can bet that it has been a while for the two of you. So, this Valentine’s Day put on your pyjamas and get ready for a fun-filled game night at home. Pull out your favourite board games from the attic. It’s showtime, people!

This year, don’t shy away from expressing love with an open heart. Pour your feelings, exchange personalised Valentine’s Day gifts, and make them yours. Keep the love flowing this V-Day. You won’t regret it!

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