Roles of an Electrician

Major Roles of an Electrician Based on Different Industries

All construction projects require the expertise of a highly-skilled electrician. These experts help complete the building process of a structure. Their primary role is to make sure that the electrical current in the building is flowing safely towards the outlets and into different electrical equipment. They also have other functions, depending on the industry that the electrician is working in.

It also depends on the level of experience that he or she has acquired from previous jobs. If you want to work as an electrician, here are some of the duties that you may handle depending on the career path that you plan to pursue.

New Construction 

If you plan to take on the job of working on a new building, you need to begin by working on the blueprints produced by the architect or builder who leads the project. The designs will serve as your guide on where to place all the electrical outlets, circuit breakers, switches, and lighting fixtures inside or outside the building. You also need to know where to run the necessary wiring within the construction.

Other notable roles that you must fulfill when working as an electrician when constructing a new building include installing conduits to carry the wires. However, you need to be a licensed electrician to take on this role. Students can also try their hands at this job if they work under the supervision of an expert.

Residential Repair Electricians

Some electricians specifically choose to concentrate on fixing residential electrical systems since there are plenty of tasks needed in one’s home. Most of the wirings at home may become defective over time. Other houses also deal with old circuit breakers, especially if the homeowners buy new appliances or if they need to install more outlets in new locations. Homeowners also hire electricians if they plan to do a total renovation that requires rewiring the entire property.

Commercial Electricians 

This type of electrician is responsible for the installation and repair of electrical wirings in stores and offices. Companies will hire electricians if they need to add more computers. They also get jobs whenever the company needs a new installation to manage new power requirements. Moreover, these electricians can work with store owners who need to install modern lighted signage or find a new place for their cash registers.

Maintenance Electricians

The maintenance electricians mainly work for large factories, power plants, and other big electrical equipment that need regular maintenance. They have to come up with a preventive solution to avoid future problems like breaking down in the middle of the operation. Aside from this task, maintenance electricians also need to remove the obsolete systems that are no longer useful for the factory.

All electricians will learn all their skills needed for their job by enrolling in a technical school. The course will teach them how to read blueprints, local building codes, and essential electrical theories that you need to apply in the actual work. They also have to undergo four years of apprenticeship to become journeyman electricians and then apply for the necessary licenses to get a job.

If you want to become a licensed electrician, you need to undergo all these essential steps before any construction company hires your services. You also need to remember all these roles so you can decide which industry you want to venture into for your profession.

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