Investing has become an important part of wealth creation. It acts as a alternative source of income. The orthodox thinking of people was to stick to their work/ business and enjoy earnings from that source. Investing was not in picture. But nowadays people want to add on to the sources of earnings for more financial stability and strength. Investing itself has many forms and can be done in real estate, commodities, equities, debentures etc. People can invest according to their pockets. Those who have big pockets can apply in real estates and those who have minimal savings may start investing in equities. Some other new investment options are mutual funds, SIP and IPO.

All these investments are made with the help of stock broker. Stock broker helps in making the investment experience easy and effective. Stock broker not only suggests about the investment opportunities but also manage the portfolio of the investor. Earlier it used to be humans who acted as a separate stock broker, but now these positions are taken by corporate who are brokerage firms. However the success behind these firms is the expertise of the professional analysts. It is mandatory to have a broker under securities act. Nowadays there are variety of brokerage firms available and an investor can shortlist the lowest margin stock broker and compare them to choose the best. There are many stock brokers that provide minimum brokerage schemes. This is a growing competition nowadays. Even a naïve person can invest easily with the help of these stock brokers. Let’s get down to the brass tacks of the operations of stock broker. Stock broker place the trade on behalf of the investor and charges brokerage commission which is very minimal. Also they charge for some annual maintenance charges. These two are the primary source of their revenue. They accumulate these funds and invest it further to generate revenue. In this way brokerage firms earn. But these days zero brokerage is also in picture. Some companies have made their brokerage charges at flat zero. So the other source is the annual maintenance charges and the Intraday charges.

Wisdom capital is one of the few firms that offer zero brokerage. The unique part is this firm does not charge for annual maintenance and intraday charges. The work of stock broker is not easy. They have to continuously remain updated with the requirements of the investors. Stock broker is the real guide for the investor. They manage all their trades and suggest them about the investing alternatives. Stock brokers are providing best of the facilities to investor these days. They are using the best means of latency and are successful in achieving it. This has helped the investor to buy/ sell at the best possible price. This is quiet resulted in high investor base and higher customer satisfaction. Investing is not an easy task as investor needs to consider many things regarding the company, the type of investment, the broker, their facilities etc.

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