Plagiarism Out of Your Work and Your Life

Drive Plagiarism Out of Your Work and Your Life!

We’ve all been students at some point, and that’s when you come across this term of plagiarism so often. College and university teach you one most important thing as part of your academics; to be original in your creativity. Mostly students practice plagiarism knowingly and unknowingly as in a hurry to meet deadlines to submit assignments and projects. Whether it be a synopsis or a project run, you stay up late and work on it all night, and being all frantic, you open up links here and there on the internet, and with a little interchange of words, you copy stuff off the internet. You think you have done smart work instead of hard work, unlike a student who has been running to libraries for weeks now collecting materials for their project or even just spending days brainstorming ideas to create the best writing piece to secure their grade. But there you go, that’s where you messed up. But it’s alright, in all honesty, we’ve all been there and done that. And it’s all forgivable until you’re a freshman only. That’s when you get a reality check that whoops! Life is what you bring to the table alone, without any help or credit from others.

Shun Plagiarism

Be you. Be yourself. That’s the best advice you will get all your life. Do not follow others. Do not copy others. Whether it is your personal style, your dressing, your ideas, your opinions, your personality, or your assignments! Create your own creativity. Create your own magic. Nobody can take that away from you all your life. What you create is yours only. It’s like having children. You made your children; they are yours. Your work and your creativity are yours to boast about, to show around, to possess about, and to have a right over. Now I truly understand that many times, we are unaware that we’ve performed the act of plagiarism. Hence there are websites like this plagiarism checking; you can surely take help from that.

You Don’t Want to Come Off as A Criminal, Do You?

One of the scariest things about plagiarism is that you are committing a crime! You are a fraud. You are performing theft, or in simpler words, you are stealing, and you are a thief. You are taking credit yourself for something someone else has invested their energy, time, and effort into. This is a theft of intellectual rights. It is equally equivalent of stealing someone’s purse or money. This piece of writing is that person’s intellectual property, a creative piece of their mind, their ideas, thoughts, and words. For such instances again, we find plagiarism checkers to our rescue. At times we are not sure as to whose work we are using to base our findings and research on, so such applications help us give credit to the rightful owners of a written piece. Students are also hence assisted in providing references and credit to the original piece from anywhere around the world!

Google Is A Scam for All You Young Writers!

We may think that in this fast-paced age of internet and optical fibers, where the whole world is at our disposal on the touch of a finger on a small screen, and that all information is accessible since the world is a global village. But hey no! That’s a trap for all emerging writers and researchers. You may think you’ve discovered a rare piece of writing that goes just well with your presentation, but that’s not yours to use or own. Sometimes we may even fall short of words when completing a 2000 words assignment, so you tend to repeat your own ideas at times. Mostly that’s unintentional because come on who remembers what exactly you wrote three pages back, hence bringing a monotonous tone and repetition in your work. But then again, you don’t have to go through all of that fatigue again to skim through the article and cross out unnecessary and repetitive ideas when you have plagiarism checkers at hand. They are handy, easy to use, and really quick to give out results.

An Act of Nobility for Free!

Many plagiarism checkers are although asking you to pay them out, but quite a few are free of cost as well. I recently came across this checker that I used for my articles. I am usually running out of time with an already hectic routine, so even the simplest of tasks like proofreading an article seems so strenuous like Pilates after writing a whole article.

Plagiarism software is such a plagiarism checker that authentically purifies, cleanses your work, and makes it all fresh and anew to present to the world. New, bright, and spotless (from any copied stuff) like a baby. Pure, original, and beautiful. Plus, it’s your creation so you can proudly own up to it. It makes you more confident, proud, and better as a writer.

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