Placing Mirrors the Right Way

Do’s and Dont’s of Placing Mirrors the Right Way

Mirrors are powerful statement pieces. They serve as an affordable means to revamp your home décor. Moreover, their innate property of making small spaces appear bigger makes them a popular choice among home interior experts. Being an important home decoration facet, wall mirrors online are available in a wide range of options. Similarly, there are plenty of ideas that you can use to create a fun effect with mirrors. But not orientations of mirror placement are deemed fit for home décor. Considering this, we have come up with an expert-curated guide to enlighten you on the right ways of mirror placement.

So let’s get started…

Do’s of using mirrors

  • Use mirrors in tiny rooms:

Placing a large mirror in a small room creates an illusion of depth, thereby enabling your space to appear big. Moreover, experts recommend placing a big mirror on the wall above the dining table or across a piece of artwork to create an impactful illusion. This also lends a modern tone to your compact apartments.

  • Make mirrors a focal point

One bold piece of the mirror can set the tone for the entire room. Place them in the dressing room or corners, they can create an alluring impact. For an added effect, you can place a spotlight or ceiling light behind the mirror. This will create a focal point that is worth grabbing attention.

  • Use mirrors in narrow hallways and entrances

If you have narrow hallways or staircases then consider decking it with a small horizontal mirror. This will widen up space and make it appear bigger. Additionally, it will also create a flow from room to room.

Dont’s of using mirrors

  • Do not use mirrors on the ceiling

Sounds obvious, but it needs to be mentioned anyways. Affixing a mirror on the ceiling may appear gaudy therefore it is best to do not to opt for this idea.

  • Do not overboard mirrors in the kitchen 

Using mirrors in the kitchen is not necessary. Although there is no significant drawback, it can raise multiple issues such as regular water spots. Thus, placing a mirror in the kitchen needs a lot of maintenance which may not be suitable for the long term.

  • Don’t hang mirrors where you sleep

According to home design, experts hanging mirrors in the sleeping area is not recommended. Since a mirror in the bedroom can reflect the bed, it is not a sign of good luck. They also create illusions that can distract your sleep, thereby making it hard for you to fall asleep. And if it is absolutely needed, then choose a spot where you can’t see your reflection.

  • Don’t place opposite to the front door

Avoid hanging mirrors opposite the front door. This is because as per the Chinese philosophy of Feng Shui placing mirrors this way repels opportunities coming your way.

At last, make sure to abide by the feng shui rules. Don’t just hang mirrors randomly around the home, do some research, and then proceed accordingly.

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