Data Protection Guide 101

Data Protection Guide 101: How to Keep Your Information Safe

To keep the employee’s password, laptop information, company’s data, and more secured and protected from the reach of an outsider has been a high priority of the business. This was one big reason behind the widespread organizational disapproval of putting the workforce on a remote working mode. This is because companies believe that their employees tend to show less importance towards protecting their data and company data when they are working from. However, the pandemic spared no one and the companies had no choice but to ensure that their employees are working from home.

However, the pandemic has not been slowing down. And this has made the companies think about extending their work from home schedules for their team. This means that employees should start learning how to protect the colleague’s data while working from home, simultaneously.

While it has been suggested that employees should use a reliable internet connection, separate room for working and keep their devices out of the reach of others in the family, there are more things to do to protect their data.

So before we begin suggesting the essential things to do to protect your data, here is a little guidance on which internet provider you can use while you are working from home. One name that is known for its reliability and affordability is the wow internet and cable TV service. WOW internet is known for its WOW cable packages and high-speed internet connection is a name to trust blindly.

Moreover, here are some of the essential tips to follows in regards to protecting your data from getting in danger:

Encrypt Data

If you think that encrypting your data is only a thing done by technology geeks, you are mistaken. The modern-day world has made it easier for anyone to get hold of their data and protect it. Encrypting your emails and important information has become easier. There are various tools available for this purpose that have made encrypting data easy.

Install Anti-malware

While you are working from home you might as well find yourself accessing sites that are not work-related in your office-issued laptop. And you might think that there is no harm in having a little break from work, the accessing of unprotected websites can cause you and your company big damage.

For instance, there are a large number of websites that have illicit content that can install malware or offer downloadable content that has malware in it. Other then this if you have a cheap internet connection that it will expose your browsers to websites that can hear your data by installing malware in your systems.

So first thing first, make sure you have a safe internet such as the one suggested above; WOW internet. Other than this make sure you have antimalware installed and updated in your systems.

And this is not only for the office-issued laptops but you should also keep your laptop protected through auto-malware.

The antimalware software not only acts as an extra layer of protection but I reality it layers the foundation of security for your laptop.

 Turn Off Your Laptop

One of the most important things to keep in mind while working form home is to keep your counters, laptop, and devices that you use for your company’s work, turned off. And by that, we do not mean to keep them off even when you want to work on them, but only when they are no longer in use or you have taken a break from work.

Most of the time people forget turning their systems off as they feel like it is safe in their homes. What they do not know is that there are more people in the house that can initially lure into your systems and put the company’s data at risk.

Therefore, it is extremely important to turn off the devices when they are not in use.


We’ve now learned the easiest ways to protect your company’s data and other important information from the reach of outsiders. If a website or email sounds too good to be true, is too unusual or unexpected, be cautious. Protecting your company’s and your personal data is a matter of behavioral best practices.

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