Best prepaid plans 2021

Best prepaid plans 2021 that offer 1 GB/day data

With time, we are becoming more dependent on our mobile phones. Now we spend almost one third of our day using our cell phones. Online classes, video calling, online meetings, everything is now conducted over online. As a result our daily data consumption has increased significantly. So, most of us are opting for recharge plans that offer us more amounts of daily data and voice calls.

But people who use WIFI or other internet source usually prefer the plans that offer the minimum benefits. Or there are people who do not use mobile that much. So, for such people, telecom companies offer lowest data plans.

1 GB data per day is the most affordable and useful data pack for people with minimum data needs. Every telecom company has at least one scheme that offers 1 GB data daily. All these plans are super-cheap so everyone can afford them. Three of the best 1 GB/day plans are mentioned below.

As we all know, Reliance Jio, Vi, and Airtel are the three top-ranked telecom companies. All of them offer 1 GB data per day but those packs come at a different price and duration.

Airtel 1GB per day data plan

Airtel has only one plan that offers 1 GB daily data. Airtel recharge costs 199 Rs. this data pack is valid for 24 days. The user also gets some added benefits with this plan. You get;

  • 1 GB high-speed data daily
  • When the daily data quota is over, you can browse the internet at 64 Kbps speed
  • 100 free SMS
  • Free Hellotunes
  • Free Wynk music subscription
  • Free Airtel Xstream premium
  • 24 days validity

Reliance Jio 1 GB per day data plan

Reliance Jio also offers only one data plan that offers 1 GB data daily. It is also valid for 24 days. In short, the user gets;

  • 1 GB high-speed data per day
  • 100 free SMS daily
  • Unlimited Jio to Jio and Non-Jio calls
  • Free subscription to all Jio apps
  • 24 days validity

Vi 1 GB per day data plan

With a 219 Rs Vi recharge, you can enjoy 1 GB daily data. This plan costs more than others but it is valid for 28 days. The user also gets other benefits with the pack, like;

  • 1 GB daily free data
  • 100 SMS per day for free
  • Unlimited voice calls
  • Free access to Vi TV and Vi Movies
  • You can also enjoy extra 2 GB data with this plan. It is an exclusive offer.

So, these are the three best plans that offer you 1 GB data daily. Jio and Airtel offer almost the same benefits but Jio charges lesser money. On the other hand Vi charges maximum but they also offer 28 days validity whereas Airtel and Jio offers 24 days validity.

To recharge you mobile with these plans you can use Airtel Payments bank. It is the safest and fastest recharging platform. So, use it and enjoy all the benefits.

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