Improve Your Wi-Fi Signal Strength

5 Tips to Improve Your Wi-Fi Signal Strength

Slow internet connectivity may test your patience when you are watching something online or streaming a live video. There are numerous reasons why your internet may be slowing down. Sometimes an extended gear may help you boost your internet speed. This is especially true when you have not placed your router in the best possible spot.

Many times, a router is either hidden or installed in an adjusted space rather than an optimal place. This may cause bad signal strength or poor Wi-Fi coverage. To overcome the issues that arise due to poor Wi-Fi signal strength, you may want to use Wi-Fi Extender such as NetGear, which comes with tech support or go for a simple repeater or high-gain antenna. Listed below are some tips to boost your Wi-Fi signal strength.

  1. High-gain Antenna: A simple add-on to your router which can help boost your signal strength is a high gain antenna. If your router has two antennae, you may want to change the place of your router installation rather than buy an additional antenna. But, if your router has a single antenna and/or you cannot change the installation place, you may consider buying a high gain antenna. This extends your normal Wi-Fi range and covers your house properly. It is the best option when you want to cover small hard-to-cover places in your house.
  2. Switch to 5GHz: If your router supports your switching to this frequency you may try this hack to check your internet speed. Sometimes, this frequency is less crowded and provides quicker data speed. You will observe a considerable speed improvement in this frequency.
  3. Wi-Fi repeater: The Wi-Fi repeaters are a typical ensemble of technology and simplicity to provide you boost in your Wi-Fi signal strength. They are separate installation units or add-ons which amplify the Wi-Fi signal and broadcast it. Certain repeaters come with a dedicated app which can help you fine-tune the settings and optimize the results for your Wi-Fi environment.
  4. Switch to the less crowded channel: Switching to a different channel provided by your router is an old tested method of improving the data rate. This hack works when the signal strength is strong but data rates are poor because of the crowded channel due to neighbors. There are apps which help you find the least crowded channel from your available list of channels. Once you spot the channel switching to it helps you boost the data rate which inherently improves the internet speed.
  5. Plugin extender: This is different from a typical repeater or extender. The plug-in extenders need to be plugged into the router or put Ip but are more advanced than the high gain antenna. A typical example of proper Wi-Fi-extender is NetGear N300. This comes with a tech support service which makes it convenient to seek answers to your queries and find support. The customization of the settings is easily done through a desktop, but if you find it difficult to go through the installation and fine-tuning, you can always seek help from the tech support team at Mywifiext.

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