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Why should you go for online private limited company registration?

Online private limited company registration completes the procedure for venturing forth with a business enterprise with a minimum number of two members. The lesser liability on each shareholder associated with the registration has made the online procedure quite sought after. Even during periods of crises and shrink of profit revenue, the proprietors’ are never held at risk. One of the fundamental concepts of such a company is the structure of the share. Since, a company is in itself held as an individual, it has full potential to own and sell property at its own individual status. The shareholders do not claim the properties and assets associated with the company.

The method is pretty befitting to the start-ups and small-scale business enterprises owing to the fact that the online procedure is quite transparent with no hidden costs associated with it. Here is a list of required documents for the virtual registration procedure-

  • Address Proof (Passport, Ration Card, Telephone Bill, Voter Id Card etc.)
  • Residence Proof (Bank Statement)

Advantages of Pvt ltd registration online  

  • Separate Legal Status- The company gains individual existence once it enters into Pvt ltd registration online. Under the judiciary, it exists as a living individual who can apply for loans and property acquisition without the members incurring any liability for the acts. The shareholders possess no creditors since it is the company that has borrowed. As a rule, the company acquires a registered address for the purpose of official letters and e-mails. In this case, many proprietors use their own residential address, however, the address much be within the concerned territory.
  • Perpetual Succession- once the online private limited company registration is done with, the company enters into a perpetual form of existing even if it endures huge amount of loss and bankruptcy. In a nutshell, its status as a business unit does not change under the law.
  • Few Members- since the stipulated number of members is 2 that can be further stretched to 200, the flexibility is higher. The shares can be divided accordingly without any added compulsion. In most cases, the number of shareholders is less resulting in fewer complexities and debates regarding the core decision-making process and operational aspects of the company.
  • Easy Transfer of assets- For a start-up, this is one of the advantages of obtaining the registration. Procedure of transfer is equally easy unlike in other cases and the members are responsible about the face value of the shares that have been bestowed on them.
  • Property Acquisition- if the shareholders have plan for expansion, getting the online registration can officially start the journey of doing so. The company gains full authority to buy/sell properties and shares by the veracity of its lawful existence. At this stage, no shareholders can part with the property, thereby, adding to safety and trust.

To get online private limited company registration done, the shareholders are asked to name the company according to the three-part system laid down by the officials. The liability and feasibilities of expanding revenue margins become more probable.

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