Best Ways to Move Your Pets

What are The Best Ways to Move Your Pets?

Once you get attached to your pets, there is no way of getting away with them. But it is life and certain conditions may arise like you are moving from one city to another or one house to another you might even change your country. But that doesn’t mean that you need to get away from your dog forever.

There are many ways available out there that can provide you with the best dog transport services. You can also get the quotes of shipping dogs from various companies on Shiply. In this post, we have provided you with the best, fastest ways available to ship or relocate your pets from one place to another.

The estimated cost of pet transport services.

It is difficult to quote the exact, accurate cost of pet transport. But on average the pet shipping companies may charge you around $150-$300 if your pet needs to be delivered in a shorter distance range. On the other hand, if you want your pet to be delivered by more than 1000 miles, then they may charge you around $400-$1000 depending on other various factors.

Different factors affecting the cost of the pet transport services

 Apart from a distance, there are many other factors which affect the shipping cost:

  1. Distance- If your pets need to be shipped locally or within a short distance, the service will be cheaper for you. The price will increase with increasing distance.
  2. Pet size- Your pet size also plays an important role in deciding the cost of shipping. As the company checks how much space is your pet occupying.
  3. Timings- If you want your pet to be delivered under a strict delivery time frame, then you might need to pay something extra as the company tends to put extra efforts so that you’re pet reaches you on your desired time.
  4. Time of the year- Depending on the time of year, whether the weather conditions are harsh the company needs to take extra care of your pet to ensure that it is completely safe and free from all types of dangers.

Important things to do before you ship your pet

Here are a few things that you need to do before you ship your pet by any means.

  • Keep the documents ready
  • Wash your pet nicely
  • Search for the suitable pet carrier
  • Prepare his food, water, and other necessary supplement packages
  • Make sure to keep your pet toys as well


You can get the best quotes from various companies that are easily available on Shiply Visit: Once you decide your pet transport services that suit best your budget make sure to visit your vet. The vet will guide with extra details which will make the pet shipping talk easier for you. Also, make sure to check the condition of your pet once you get delivered with it. If you are not satisfied with something you can immediately complain to the company’s help desk. You will be sorted with your issue in less time and there you go. You finally have your pet back to you again!

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