The Secret Of Top Websites For Being At The Top

The Secret Of Top Websites For Being At The Top

Technology never ruins itself by staying static. The world is budding its digital divisions and growing them at a faster pace. The top websites all over the world are of different categories. is one of them and ruling the ranking of websites for a long time. Why it shouldn’t be? Every single human being is using the Google search engine to find out bits and pieces of anything. And in 90% of cases, he finds out the answer to his query. Hence, Google is getting 36.6% of more audience attention from its users than low ranked websites that are missing from being at the top. But being on the top is not as simple as it seems to be. Let’s delve into some common things found in the top  websites:

5 common features top websites have

We want to know about something, we use different websites to find them. Our engagement to the searched page helps that website to be or not on the top first page of the search engine. More the time we spend on a site, the higher will be its traffic and position. So the topmost websites have maintained their integrity by having the following five characteristics:

  • They made their website clear, easy, uncluttered, and have simple navigation
  • They use the strategy of mobile-first then desktop
  • Lots of new content is being uploaded by them to keep the audience updated
  • They keep the load time short and fast.
  • To keep their audience come back they sent their viewers newsletters, free giveaways. They collect their data like email ID to make their future marketing easy.

How your website can be at the top?

Do you dream of being on the list of top websites? To fulfill it you’ll have to keep check and balance over the traffic engaging with your website. And you can gain it by following just one thing that is continuously analyzing your website traffic. As it is a known fact, it’s easier to be at the top than to maintain that position. And to keep that position for the long run you need to keep 2 things in check :

  1. Insight of your website traffic
  2. Complete information on your competitor marketing strategies

To have a good insight into your website statistics, you should invest both time and money. Use your money to get paid content and consultancy for good website traffic checkers like Similarweb. But you can also start with its free version. Along with it, there are some other useful tips:

  • Keep title tags of your website little and
  • Make keywords according to the searcher’s point of view. Don’t think you know what searcher think- do your research, not just search.
  • Keep your competitors in your mind. Go and dig in their sites to know what they. are doing that they are above you. Read their product reviews to improve yours.
  • If you have mapped your keywords, you got the key for optimizing your site.
  • Don’t miss a single day to create new content.
  • Construct a strong social media system to foster your content with traffic.
  • Try to understand the statistics and analytics to monetize your content.t

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