Moving Away From Los Angeles

The Great Escape: Why People Are Moving Away From Los Angeles

With the City of Angels leading the way, California ranks third in the nation in residents moving elsewhere. Only New York and, taking the top spot, Illinois surpass the Sunshine State. Moreover, 53% of those remaining are thinking about making such a move themselves. That half of the State has much to consider, and will be happy to hear that moving help is available.

137,598 Californians became ex-Californians between 2016 and 2017. People leave Los Angeles for any of thousands of different reasons. Many will have been relocated by their employers. Some just love bad weather and are tired of near-constant sunshine. Perhaps a few just gave up waiting for Clayton Kershaw to come through in the Series. But two reasons for leaving LA emerge more often than the rest.

First, the price of housing has become prohibitive for many Californians. Certainly, California’s economy is strong, and the State is home to many high-paying, high-prestige jobs. However, the cost of housing has risen to staggering levels, particularly in Los Angeles. This is why homelessness here swallows up so many Californians who don’t fit the profile often associated with the homeless elsewhere, but has come to afflict those working two or more jobs and those working in needed public service positions. It’s hard finding a home here.

Tens of thousands of other Californians living comfortably upper middle class lifestyles have simply tired of dealing with costs more appropriate to multi-millionaires, and even many of those more comfortable still have decided to take advantage of how much more their money can buy in less-expensive, lightly-taxed states like Nevada and Texas. Often all it takes is a trigger event, such as having your California home burn down in a wildfire.

The second reason many are leaving is the traffic. The average Californian spends 102 minutes each day in traffic. This only gets longer for those working in high-powered, highly expensive parts of cities who are forced to live in less expensive neighborhoods that are necessarily at some great distance away. It would be tolerable if the freeways regularly allowed one to cross country at or above the posted speed limit, but instead much of the typical LA commute involves crawling, bumper-to-bumper traffic jams that can arise at any time of the day, and even on weekends. LA traffic jams can make other cities’ jams look like Grand Prix racing.

How We Can Help

The movers at Suddath Los Angeles long distance moving company are fully equipped to help you move to your next home or office, whether that’s away from LA or to it. They can assist you before your move, during the move, and in the packing and installation process. The last thing you need is new, surprise charges about damages. They not only provide crates and other moving supplies, but protection of floors, walls and every other part of your home or office that might otherwise get damaged during the move.

During the move, Suddath will provide padding and other cargo protection. Also, they will also provide clients with easily-accessible dashboard for monitoring the progress of your move.

When it comes to small businesses, a common “surprise expense” is moving into new offices only to discover they aren’t quite ready to serve as places for getting real work done. As a state-of-the-art firm, Suddath offers services needed to move all your data equipment, including disconnect and reconnect, right down to testing the wires. Suddath has experience moving everything from home offices to entire data centers.

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