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Some Smart Ways to Convert Your Instagram Followers to Customers

Building a solid brand presence for your business on social media is a real challenge. For marketers, it is not easy to manage their digital marketing strategy across various social media channels. Each of these has a unique way to engage with the target audience, and each of these also demands the marketers on them to have expertise in effectively engaging with the potential customers and how to take the best benefits of these interactions.

Among the major social media platforms or you download private Instagram videos, Instagram is identified to be the most reliable and performing marketing platform with a large following and high level of brand engagement. In this article, we are discussing some smart ways not only to get more Instagram followers but also how to convert them into prospective customers.

  • Initiate a conversation

One of the major ways to attract more customers and engage them effectively is through proper conversation. Many times, the brands tend to focus on putting their content like Instagram pictures or videos which can talk to the users directly. Rather than posting pictures about a product, you may think of posting videos or ask questions to the followers for more engagement. Say, for example, if you are into clothing retailing, then you may ask them about their favorite winter choices or so.

  • Offer some promotions

Another obvious way to get more real Instagram followers and convert them into customers is to throw some Instagram-specific promotions for their benefit. Say, for example; you can simply post an image of your product and offer a fair discount to your followers who order it within the specified deadline. Doing this will encourage users to act instantly and take advantage of this opportunity. Adding to it, you can also incentivize your followers and regular visitors to your page to get hold of the limited-time promotional offers.

  • Always be original

One important thing, which is also certain, is that your customers may be already overloaded with the boring marketing content they come across through Instagram. Many brands tend to post the same content over and again. Unlike this, you need to invest your time and money more effectively to come up with building more innovative and creative strategies to deliver more engaging content to the customers.

  • Always highlight the loyal customers

Another key approach to boost your sales through Instagram is to offer some incentives to those who are loyal to you. For example, if you are launching a new product, you could try driving the sales through Instagram by running a contest like requesting your active customers to submit their pictures featuring your new product. Re-post the customer images on your page and offer the best images a prize or so to be announced through your page.

Along with the above-mentioned obvious strategies, you can also try and promote your customer service through Instagram, always try to be active in your community, and try and reach out to your loyal followers individually, etc. as an initiative to convert more followers into active customers.

Author bio: Karen is a Business Tech Analyst. She is very responsible towards her job. She helps marketers to achieve better results.

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