Millennials are Loving Co-living and This is Why

Decided to move to a new city but still unsure of where to live? If you’re a working professional and are after an awesome housing experience, why not consider co-living? Co-living lets you to live in an apartment with other people, sharing bills, spaces and responsibilities. It is a popular option for young working professionals as they offer a number of unique amenities and opportunities that suit their lifestyle.

Here are some reasons why co-living is a popular choice among millennials,

Wherever you want it.

Co-living is becoming popular in all of the metro cities of India. No matter which city you are in, shared accommodation is available in multiple locations. Providers like Colive have over 150 facilities just in Bangalore and are also spread out in Chennai and Hyderabad. If you choose to Colive, you will have a variety of locations to choose from. As most properties are located near popular corporate landmarks, you can live close to work for greater convenience. You can also pick your choice in the suburbs where you can play around with more space or at the heart of all the action where restaurants, bars, cafes and malls are right by your facility.

Cut down the costs

Moving to a new city involves high costs. It is difficult to budget especially when you know nothing about the daily expenses of the city you are going to be living at. Usually, co-living is a cheaper option compared to living alone. Rent, utilities and sometimes, even food are split between flat mates. Co-living space providers make paying your rent simple and hassle-free by packing most of your needs into a single package and providing it to you at a single-rent. It might not just be affordable but will also provide you with amenities that generally don’t come at such moderate costs.

Independence made easier

Co-living is a wonderful first step living-in living away from home. You get to learn what it is like to maintain a household by taking care of your own expenses, paying rent and get your first taste of independence. The bright side is that you don’t have to deal with the frustration of doing it alone. You can take roles and responsibilities as a group. Unlike living alone, you can share responsibilities like shopping and cleaning to cooking and paying. This takes a lot of pressure off your back and allows you to be efficient at your new job. 

The more you learn, the more you earn

Budgeting is not the only thing difficult about new cities. When you are new to a city, it is important for you to create a network of friends and acquaintances in order to stay connected. Living with flatmates not only makes sure you have enough friends, but also educates you on other peoples’ culture, traditions and lifestyle. It is a new learning experience that sharpens your social skills with people from diverse backgrounds.

Find before you land

If you choose to Colive, you could even find a room before you arrive in the city.
Co-living space providers operate on a full-stack tech-enabled model. This allows you to check out all their facilities on the app which includes 360 degree tours. Similarly, you can make your booking as well on the app and make your future rent payments just a few taps away. This smart and hassle-free model knocks out the pain of customers who commute hours after work in order to find a place to live at.

Your own support group

When you are an active part of a co-living atmosphere, it is likely to get inanely close with the other residents. People who live together become friends easily and quickly as they see each other in the most comfortable state. You can be a part of a support network that supports on another through the experience of moving away from home. It is a likely place to build everlasting friendships and bonds that will prove to be sweet memories years down the lane. Stay for a few months in an active co-living facility and you’ll probably find that your flat mates practically become family.

Experience a new way of life

From earning your independence as you take on adulating to forming bonds with the people you stay with, co-livingexposes you to experiences that you can’t find anywhere else. While you are co-living, there is no doubt that you will make living in the new city as fun as it gets and creating memories that will last forever.

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Apart from all these, the main reason why millennials are attracted towards shared accommodation is- Urban loneliness. Even though we are all connected to each other constantly, the boom of social media has made real conversations a second choice. People are finding it difficult to make real life connections those will make them feel safe, secure and listened to. This can be felt worse when you are a new person in a new city. Coliving solves this problem by being a platform for building a community and acts as a medium of networking, collaborations and sometimes even, deeply emotional relationships.

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