When you apply for a job, unconsciously we develop an expectation from our salary which we haven’t received yet. Back in our minds, there is a long list of things we want to have or buy once our salary lands into our accounts. Either you are working or you are going to start a business on your own. One way or the other you will be needing money to run your business smoothly. Finding and generating finance can be a little challenging at times. Whether it’s a seasonal slump or customer hasn’t paid a bill or invoice to a small business owner, he or she is going to face a financial constraint.

We all want to have a quick source of earning money when we start a new venture or business. It is the human psyche that it wants to rush everything especially when it is something relevant to monetary dealings. Upon facing a financial shortcoming, you might panic, the way you will panic for not being able to pay rent when you are out of cash. About 94% of new business setups fail due to a lack of necessary funds without sustaining a single year. Money is the bloodline of a business, the more you invest better revenue it will generate.

Building a business requires time, resources and funding. From owning a place to setting up your workstations, hiring employees and meet both ends meet, you might feel like that ATM machine that is constantly pouring money. You will never wish your business to fail as it has your money rather you will be thinking of ways you can expand and grow it further. Financial constraints might leave you unprepared but you can always opt for legal ways such as acquiring business loans. Before you apply for business loans make sure to research well about the secured business loan and interest rates which will save you from further energy drain.

Thinking to raise fast cash for your business? Here are the 10 legal ways which you can avail:

1.Selling silver and gold

Having a financial constraint in your new business setup isn’t a pleasant thing. You have spent all of your savings and available cash in your business, you are in need of more finance to keep your venture running. If you have items made of silver and gold that aren’t being used by any of your family members.  Local shops might offer you more than what a commercial market shop offers you in exchange for your gold or silver items. This way you can have some extra cash at hand that might solve your outstanding dues.

2.Collect Debts

You might have felt generous while lending money to your friends or those who needed it.  We are sure the thought of having a financial shortcoming wouldn’t have crossed your mind. Now is the right time to ring all the borrowers to collect your debts and cope up with your crisis.

3.Work hourly bases

Running short of money and you want to earn on a daily basis. You can look for a job that can pay you per hour, this way you will have earned on an hourly basis and you can also indulge in driving uber where you can earn money hand to hand.

4.Business loans

You can always apply for a secured business loan after researching well about the lender who can meet your monetary requirement. Make sure to prepare a detailed document listing all your goals and requirements to give an insight to the person lending money to you.

5.Contact Business accelerators

There are organizations that help you accelerate your business by investing in it.  Always keep a record of such organizations in your surroundings so that you can contact them in times of your need. It would be best if you visit all such organizations to get a better idea about their terms and your financial needs and procurement.

6.Business cash advances

Many merchant accounts and digital payment solution providers can help you pay in advance for your future purchase requisitions and credit card sales receipt. This option can also come handy if you are looking to raise cash for your business.


If you want to avoid the long procedure of a business loan, you can easily avail loan up to 150,000 dollars by applying for a microloan by applying for Small Business administration loans.


Although you wanted to have a business of your own but it’s never bad to have someone who can sponsor your finance to help your business grow. Look for organizations that provide sponsorships for new business startups. Write letters to them and convince them to sponsor you.

9.Friends and Family

A friend in need is a friend indeed, sounds familiar right?  When all the other options seem to cut loose, turn towards your friends and family and ask them for small amounts of loans which you can return easily once your business is stable enough. This way you won’t be burdening their personal budgets and you will also be saving yourself for taking out a huge amount of cash to return to every person you have borrowed money from.


Another effective way to raise fast cash is crowdfunding. This usually happens on online platforms where people explain their projects and startups at multiple websites to attract investments from the public. If your business idea is practical and catchy enough it will quickly start an influx of money.


We all want to raise and earn money fast but none of us will want to go to prison by opting for illegal ways of making money. Being a responsible citizen, we must abide by law and order regulated by our state and community. Starting a business is also your contribution to your country’s overall national outcome. When we come up with a business idea with sufficient finance at hand to kick start our business, often in that excitement we forget to prepare for the rainy days. If you ever come up with a situation to raise cash for your business, one should always be wise and smart to choose legal yet fast ways to grow and expand.


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