Guide on Painting the Whole Bedroom

Complete Guide on Painting the Whole Bedroom

Painting your bedroom can be tougher than it feels. Banking down to the perfect colour, picking up the right brands to prepping the walls for the paint – it can take a lot of hard work, understanding, and patience. But more than anything, it requires you to be completely sure of doing things right.

Painting a bedroom can be both an exciting activity and a work of labour. It includes a lot of thinking, planning, and efforts to transform your four walls into a complete bedroom. Here is a complete guide on how you can choose wall painting designs for living room and bedroom!

Plan your approach

Start by planning on how you want your bedroom colour combination. As you imagine and base down the colours you want and the way you want your room to look like – lay attention to the fact that you can play with textures, style, etc, and paint the room in multiple patterns. It isn’t important to paint all 4 four walls with the same colour. You can choose different colours for all walls or keep it to one wall too. It comes down to picking what you dream of making your bedroom into.

Choosing the right paint

One needs to pay attention to the quality of paint they are using on their walls. Choosing between high-quality or standard paint is where you can begin with. And then there come ingredients like pigments, builders, additives, solvents, etc that define the finish, luster, moisture, stain resistance, crack resistance, durability, gloss, shelf-life, etc of the paint. Of course, you want the best for your bedroom walls and want it to last over a lifetime. And so it is important to choose the right quality and mix that lends the perfect finish as well as the right mood to the room.

Choose your colour

Picking up colours from the paint chips or fan decks can be overwhelming. Start by selecting the colour mood you want for your room and picking out the colours that best match your imagination. Filter your colours based on cool/warm, neutral/saturated, dull/bright, etc, and then narrow down to the right shade that matches with your plan. You can select a few colours and get samples to test the shades and see how it looks on the walls at different times of the day. Finalize on the colours only when you are 100% sure of their presence in your bedroom.

Prepping the walls of the room

Prepping the wall is one of the most important steps to paint your room right. Apart from just emptying the room, the walls need complete washing, taping off the chips of previous paint, trimming and smoothening the edges of the walls, etc. Experts also recommend using sandpaper to remove uneven surfaces and smoothen the walls. Thereafter, primers are used to fill up the blank spaces and make for a smooth base before the paint is applied.

Getting the right tools

Painting is a tedious task. And it requires a lot of tools to get that perfect finish. While experts always come with their set of tools to get the job right, if you are doing it yourself, you might want to invest in some brushes, rollers, etc to get the paint right. Pick up brushes in different sizes to cover up different spaces and rollers to apply the colours smoothly on the wall.

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