Cherishing Teens Jewellery For Western Wear

Cherishing Teens Jewellery For Western Wear

As a teenager I remember wearing very minimal Jewellery to school and college, my memory only reminds me of a plain gold chain with no fancy trinkets or charms to it. Back then, Jewellery was considered an adult thing, so were the designs that came in the market. Even a gold ring for women was considered to be ornate for the women in their 20s. However, as time passed precious Jewellery protracted their way in terms of different items that suit teenagers, newborn, men and the elderly equally.

Some of the teen Jewellery that evolved over the period is:

Bracelets: Broad design populated thick bracelets are replaced with thin, sleek and charms. The charms are also designed very uniquely with stars, alphabets, abstracts, floral, butterflies, cartoon mimic themes that attract a teenager. The bracelets can be used on casuals or for college and school too. You can also gift to your teenage daughter or niece for their birthdays and other milestone events. They are lightweight and hence come in lower price ranges too. You can also custom make them request for charms of your choice.

Lockets: A gender-neutral adornment locket gives a good vibe to teenagers. Lockets can range from religious figurines to alphabets, from heart symbols to diamonds. Gold lockets for women & men make a great gift option too. Not just that they go cool on western and Indian wear.

Rings: Another pretty ornate for teenagers are rings that are plain with a small design either a floral pattern or a cartoon mimic stands as an attractive option to shop for. The rings like the bracelets also come in a lower weight range; you can find a wide range of options online at a very compelling price range. Rings also make a great gifting option given the affordability. They can also be mixed and matched with other Jewellery to make a beautiful set.

Lightweight Jewellery: A whole spectrum of items falls under this category- lightweight Jewellery. For those teens who think Jewellery on western wear is gaudy then, go for the lightweight collection- They are curated pieces that come in selective designs keeping in mind the dynamics of teenage tastes and preferences. They include a fresh splash of enamel coated precious Jewellery, quirky abstract designs that are unconventional. Before you visit a store, look for them online to get an idea. These lovely pieces come predominantly in 14Kt and 18Kt purity.

Teen Inspired themes:  These are the jewellery that is specifically crafted with trending designs such as a snow-white collection, butterfly troupe set of rings, earrings, pendants, Mickey and Donald collection of plates, spoons and charms etc.

Apart from the wearable gold Jewellery teens are kept in mind to design that adds freshness to outdated adornments like basic ring designs are revamped to star cartoon characters, silver is another precious metal which is restyled nowadays to encourage youngsters to use, especially the silver payals, bangles, bracelets and funky out of the box earring designs that are bohemian inspired.

With so much design tweaking in the Jewellery industry, teens are left with a palette of choices in an affordable price range, thus encouraging them to own fine Jewelry at a young age, understand their importance and help them embrace Indian culture irrespective of their choice of clothing.

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