Blouse Neck Designs to Match Different Lehengas

9 Stylish Blouse Neck Designs to Match Different Lehengas

The blouse design that you choose for your Lehenga is an important element. Whether you consider the neck design, sleeves or the cut of the blouse all this makes the blouse an outstanding piece. This traditional top has now evolved into more modern designs still maintaining the ethnic part of the look. Hence there are some latest designs and older patterns that are trending and always look elegant when paired with a Lehenga. Choose a new design to add to your collection especially for those special events like weddings where everyone is rocking a pretty blouse design to match their saree or Lehenga. You can find trendy blouse neck designs online that you can wear with your Lehenga.

Frill blouse designs 

This blouse neck design is a trend that is loved in 2019. They are ideal for any of occasion for how they cover the bust area with the frills in the neck area. As much as they are perfect with the Lehenga it also looks as elegant with a saree as well. Choose a solid Lehenga or a print saree to blend perfectly with it and wear the dupatta in a way that the design is seen well. The frill collars are also part of this design as many celebrities are seen adorning to not only blouses but dresses and gowns as well. Have one in a frill neck design and another of a frill collar and dress in them to look no less than a fashion diva.

Butterfly blouse design 

This is another not so shabby blouse design that you can wear with your Lehenga. The look is stylish and different from other designs. Hence, it is worth a try to see if it fits your fashion tastes. This look is best for day ceremonies if you need to stand out from the crowd due to its design. Choose this with your favorite Lehenga skirt that is in a calm color. Let the blouse shine through with its glowing embroidery and you will love your new look.

Shirt style blouse designs 

If you love party wear Kurtis to match your Lehenga. Then the shirt style blouse designs will look good on you and you will love them as well. This is not a common design but it is an appealing look that you can choose to dress to in various events like a formal party. To women who adore conservative looks this amalgamation of a blouse and shirt design is the best option for them. Also, it gives them a stylish and formal look that they look good in. Working-class women love this elegant and classic blouse design for how professional it looks. 

Fringe blouse design 

The fringe blouse design is still in fashion and when it is added to the blouse it gives it a modern twist. This look gives you a classy yet sexy look with not too much cleavage. The fringe is best for ladies of all ages and it is a look that you can experiment to see how best it matches your Lehenga. To brides who want a look for one of their pre-wedding parties. This blouse design is perfect when worn with net Lehenga or a chiffon saree. Another way you can glam your look further is by adding the fringe to your sleeves as well.

Front zip blouse design 

This blouse design favors every woman. Especially those who wear the usual full covered blouse designs can opt for this one for a change. It is a simple design that looks even more elegant with a net blouse. This front zip net blouse is a versatile piece especially one with sheer. It is attractive and you can still wear it with no covering. It is best for evening events like wedding receptions, evening Sangeet parties among others.

Ruffle blouse designs 

Ruffles are looks that you can spot almost anywhere. From skirts, dresses, gowns, and bags among other styling accessories. Why not try it on a blouse design? Experiment with this look that is adapted from the west. Since it gives your Lehenga a sassy and trendy look. However, to those who find ruffles too much for their fashion taste. Have ruffles on your blouse sleeves and it will still look gorgeous.

Strapless and strappy blouse design 

These two designs cannot lack from this list and are unique and gorgeous pieces to have. The strapless one also known as the tube follows all the current trends of fashion excellently. It is best adorned as a contrasting hue to the saree for the beauty of the blouse to be seen. While the strappy blouse design is in almost every designer collection. Bollywood celebrities are also seen dressing to this design as well. Wear this minimalistic design for daytime weddings.

Corset blouse design 

The corset blouse design is a stylish and elegant style that young ladies can perfectly pull off. This look is modern and shows off your shape. When you adorn to this it’s like a bikini style blouse design for you look irresistible in its sophisticated pattern. Choose fancy fabrics for this look if you want to make a bold entrance to the event that you are attending. The corset look also adds a more lavish look to your Lehenga or saree and it is a perfect party-ready blouse to have in various pieces in your wardrobe. 

Custom blouse design 

This is a craze among most women today. There are many designs to choose from. Why not have one that you have custom made to fit your fashion tastes. Also, this fully customized blouse design is perfect for you can make it suit the occasion that you are attending as well. This design is easy and one way to look fabulous. Since the choices of the designs is yours and what you know will look good on you. Also adding a cape to your custom made blouse is another way to add magic to your look. Plus, it is a fail-proof look that always wins and is trendy too.

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